photovoltaics and green roofs


Greenery cooling improves solar power harvest
A lecture tour in Australia
February 2010

Solar power is poised for a rapid decline in costs and a rapid increase in electrical power harvest -- to make it a mainstream power option in Australia the next decade. A major factor is cooling of solar panels by roof and wall greenery. In Germany (which uses about half the world's solar panels for electricity generation) the result is a 2% to 12% boost in solar power harvest. In Australia the advantage is expected to be 10% to 25%.

Germany's Professor Manfred Kohler, President of the World Green Infrastructure Network, will speak to Australians on this during his visit from February 4 to 20, 2010. Mostly, he will be accompanied by Brian Chua, who is researching greenery and solar power in major Australian cities, and other Australian solar and greenery experts. Solar energy is the world's most plentiful energy resource. The challenge has been to tap it cost-effectively and efficiently. Three major trends will now accelerate the growth of world solar power:

- Urban greenery to cool solar panels for greater efficiency.
- Development of advanced solar power technologies (now happening in Australia as well as overseas).
- Likely emergence of China as a low-cost producer of solar power equipment.

Professor Manfred Kohler will lecture in seven Australian cities in 2010 - with other experts, including greenery/solar power researcher Brian Chua from Brisbane

Half-day (morning) lectures will be held in Brisbane (Feb 4), Gold Coast (Feb 5), Sydney (Feb 8 and 9), Canberra (Feb 11), Melbourne (Feb12), Adelaide (Feb 15 and Perth Feb 19).


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