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More: www.ifla2018.com Here the congress brochure .. If WGIN member will register, you can get a special code to get 10% off from your registration fee.

IGRA – world

5th International Green Roof Congress
,n the Al Shaheed Park Kuwait, a new icon of Green Roof architecture.

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26th to 28th of February 2018

Europe: 29th – 30th November 2017 Budapest, Hungary
Join the Urban Greening revolution

2017, 9 - 10 Nov, 2017, Singapore

International Skyrise Greenery Conference

Theme - "Symbiosis: INTENSE Nature Within Cities"
The breadth and depth of the skyrise greenery movement have grown over time across cities. Elevated building platforms, gaps, corners, roofs and even underground spaces have become new planes for land-scarce cities like Singapore. With this evolving symbiotic relationship between cities and nature, a diversity of landscape typologies has emerged to meet a range of community objectives.
The fourth edition of the International Skyrise Greenery Conference (ISGC) continues to deepen the conversation of skyrise greenery. It will focus on the topics of resilience, new levels of greening and integrating social needs into urban infrastructure. The conference also offers an open platform to draw lessons from the challenges nature presents – shaping intents, outcomes and even the bottom line of greening projects. Scheduled for 9 & 10 November at the Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre, ISGC 2017 is the key skyrise greenery conference that you do not want to miss!

28th – 29th . September 2017, Genova / Italy
International Conference on Urban Comfort and Environmental Quality – URBAN-CEQ

Interested researchers are asked to submit a four-page abstract of their contribution within June 15th, 2017. Instructions for authors and updated information are available on the conference web site: 

20.-21. Sep. 2017, Malmö/Sweden

Urban green infrastructure - Connecting People and Nature for Sustainable Cities is a key factor in creating the sustainable and livable cities of the future. The importance of green environments for good health, equality, climate adaption and biodiversity is undisputed.
Welcome to participate in the GREEN SURGE final conference Urban Green Infrastructure.

International Symposium on greener cities for more efficient ecosystem services in a climate changing world

11th to 15th September 2017, Bologna, Italy


IRLA – China is back!
Green roof Conference “Sponge Cities”

Kunming 2016: 1th- 4th July

2014: Qingdao, China, IRLA: conference with mayors green city summit


2015 5.-7.Nov. Singapore: Skyrise Greenery Conference 


November: 7th to 11th 3. Intern. Skyrise Greenery Conference, Singapore

May 13th – 15th IGRA Congress in Hamburg, Empire Riverside Hotel Hamburg;

November 26th-28th 2012, Bangalore, India,

IGIN, Green Infrastructure Conference


The final agenda

2012, Denmark, Copenhagen, September City of Copenhagen, EFB
2012, France, LaRochelle, May 23th

Arrhor, Adivet,

2012, Finland, Helsinki, April 16th - 17th Green roof seminar,
2012, Germany, Ditzingen 10. Annual international Green Roof Symposium, details
2011, USA, Philadelphia,
November 28th to 3rd December
GRHC , Philadelphia, USA
2011, India, October 1th - 3th WGIN – Conference in India 2011: First Announcement: greenindia2011.org
Responsible : Prof. Suresh Billore;
2011, China March: 18. – 21. 2011
Ditzingen February 2/3nd. 2011
2010, November 30 - December 2:, 8th GRHC, Congress, Vanouver, Canada

Shanghai 2010

2010 November ?-? Tehran, Iran: Green roof congress in the Arabic World, more details as soon as possible.   
2010, November 1 - 3. IGRA - World Congress, Singapore

"Skyrise Greenery Conference congress webpage:

2010, October 20th-23th:Green roof australia national conference www.greenroofsaustralia.com.au
2010, October 7th - 9th: World Green Roof Congress Mexico City, hosted by WGRIN and AMENAMEX - First Announcement
2010, September 22th, Rochefort/Mer France
Extensive Green roof Professional meeting
World Green Roof Congress London
September 15th -16th 2010
3th FBB Green facades, Berlin,
Urbio Nagano, Japan, May 18th - 22th http://www.jilac.jp/URBIO2010/doku.php 
010 May 7th - 11th - China World Roof Greening Conference, Shanghai, Shanghai, China;
2010, March 4th - 8th National Green Roof Seminar of the FBB in Ditzingen. www.fbb.de
2010 January 8th; Curitiba, Brasil, UNEP, UNESCO, Biodiversity and Cities.  
2009, December 7th - 10th Ecobuild Fall & AEC-ST Fall 2009, Washington, D.C.  
2009, December 7th - 8th Energy Star Summit 2009, Denver, CO  
2010 November 25th - 26th Essen Germany Fachtagung Innenraumbegrünung
2009, November 11th - 13th Greenbuild, Phoenix, AZ  
2009, November 5th - 7th 2009 Design-Build Conference & EXPO, Washington, D.C.  
2009, November 4th - 6th World Energy Engineering Congress, Washington, D.C.  
2009, October 21th - 23th 46th IFLA World Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  
2009, October 19th - 22th Solar Power International 2009, San Jose, CA  
2009, October 19th - 22th 2009 World Green Infrastructure Congress, Toronto, Canada  
2009, October 18th - 21th Preformance of Buildings October 2009 ASTM Commitee Week, Atlanta, GA  
2009, October 10th - 11th openhousenewyork Weekend, New Yourk, NY  
2009, October 5nd - 7nd: World Green Roof Conference Toronto hosted by WGRIN and GRHC, September 2009 Details comming soon!
2009, September 24th Green Roof Seminar, Puerto Rico
2009, September 24th - 26th West Coast Green, San Fransisco, CA  
2009, September 21th - 23th Secound International Conference on Countermeasures to Urban Heat Islands, Berkeley, CA  
2009, September 18th - 22th ASLA Annual Meeting & EXPO, Chicago, IL  
2009, September 16th - 18th 21st Century Building Expo & Conference, Charlotte, NC
2009, September 14th - 18th GGREAT Expo 2009: Global Renewal Energy Advanced Technologies Expo & Summit, Washington, DC  
2009, September 11th Bologna, Italy, Green Expo and Congress, organized by Nemeton  
2009, September 9th Green Roofs for Australia Conference, Mellbourne, Australia  
2009, August 16th - 21th 10th International Congress of Ecology 2009, Brisbane, Australia  
2009, August 3th GovEnergy 2009, Providence, RI  
2009, August 2th - 07th 94th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, Albuquerque, NM  
2009, July 16th - 19th CONSTRUCT2009/The TFM Shows/CSI Annual Convention, Indianapolis, IN  
2009, June 29th - July 3nd : 6th International Symposium on Ecosystem Behavior BIOGEOMON 2009, University of Helsinki, Finland  
2009, June, 20th. Green Roof Conference in Australia, hosted by GRA, Details comming soon
2009, June 18th - 20th: China Green Buiolding/Sustainable Cities Expo, Beijing, China  
2009, June 14th - 18th: ICLEI World Congress 2009, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada  
2009, June 10th - 13th: CNU 17 - Experiencing the New Urbanism: The Convenient Remedy, Denver, CO  
2009, June 9th - 13th: 2nd International Conference on Landscape and Urban Horticulture
2009: June 2nd - 5th. Green Roof Conference North-America,, Atlanta hosted by GRHC
2009, May 31th - 2nd June Greening The Heartland, St. Louis, MO  
2009, May 271th - 29th National Green Products Expo, Las Vegas, NV  
2009, May 25th - 27th International Greenroof Congress Nuertingen, Germany
2009, May 19th - 21th Ecobuild America & AEC-STl, Denver, CO
2009, May 16th - 17th Chicago Green Festival, Chicago  
2009, May 8th - 10th National Association of Home Builders National Green Building Conference, Dallas, TX
2009, May 6th - 8th Living Future 2009, Portland, OR  
2009, May 2nd - 3th Denver Green Festival, San Fransisco, CA  
2009, April 30th - May 2th AIA 2009 National Convention & Design Exposition, San Fransisco, CA
2009, April 28th - 30th ECHINA EPTEE SHOW, International Environment Show, Water, Air, Waste, Energy & Recycling, Changhai, China
2009, April 27th - 29th Energy Efficiency Global Forum & Exposition, Paris, France
2009, April 25th - 29th APA National Planning Conference, Minneapolis, MN

2009, 3 Day trips in Swiss:

April 23th,
2009 May 8th
2009 June 4th Fachexkursion Dachbegrünung 2009, University of Applied Sciences Wädenswill

Life Science and Facility Management,
2009, April 19th - 22th Performance of Buildings ASTM 2009 Committee Week, Vancouver, BC Canada
2009, April 19th - 21th 2009 Green Cities Conference & Expo, Portland, OR  
2009, April 1th - 1th 20th GLOBALCON, Atlantic City, NJ
2009, March 28th Earth Hour, Sydney Australia  
2009, March 28th - 29th Seattle Green Festival, Seattle, WA  
2009, March 27th - 29th Better Living Show, Portland, OR
2009, March 25th - 26th Greenprints Conference & Trade Show, Atlanta, GA
2009, March 18th - 22th San Fransisco Flower & Garden Show, San Mateo, CA  
2009, March 10th - 15th 3rd Green & Energy Efficient Building Expo, Chongqing, China
2009, March 10th - 12th NESEA BuildingEnergy09, Boston, MA
2009, March 3th - 5th Ecobuild/Futurebuild 2009, London, England
2009, February 18th - 22th Northwest Flower & Garden Show, Seattle, WA  
2009, February 12th, 7th National Green Roof Conference, Ditzingen, Germany
2009, February 11th - 12th Better Buildings by Design Conference 2009, Burlington, VT
2009, February 4th - 6th Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference, Washington, D.C.
2009, February 1th - 5th NRCA Convention & International Roofing Expo, Las Vegas, NY
2009, January 27th Living Roofs and Walls Conference, London
2009, January 26th - 29th US Composting Counci & Trade Showl, Houston, TX
2009, January 23th - 25th Good Earth Home, Garden & Living Show, Eugene, OR  
2009, January 22th - 24th 8th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth, Albuquerque, NM  
2009, January 20th - 23th International Builders Show & Nextbuild, Las Vegas, NY
2009, January 19th - 21th World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi, UAE
2009, January 14th - 16th 2009 Mid-America Horicultural Trade Show, Chicago, IL
2008, November 20th- 21th, STORMWATER MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS, in cooperation with Green roof Laboratory, Wroclaw, Poland
More Information: e-mail: ewa.burszta-adamiak@up.wroc.pl
2008, November 20th, National Green Facades Symposium DÜsseldorf, Germany
2008, October 28th - 30th, Congress of Agronomists and Professional in Agronomy Madrid, Spain, including Green roof related aspects!
2008, October 22th - 23th Skyrise Greenery: Meeting New Urban and Environmental Challenges of Cities
-2008, September 16th-19th, WORLD GREEN ROOF CONGRESS in LONDON
2008, 24th - 26th July 2008: Singapore Garden Festival, Expo 2008 http://singaporegardenfestival.com/
2008, June 16th - 18th : 2nd National Green roof Conference. Green Roofs Australia.
2008, 22th - 26th April : Ecocity World Summit 2008 San Francisco, USA
2008, May 21 - 24: Conference on"Urban Biodiversity and Design" Erfurt, Germany.
2008, April 29 - Mai 1. 2008: 6.th Conference "Green roof for healthy City, Baltimore, USA.
2008, March 3th. Achieving Results: The Science of Successful Green Roofs at the Willard InterContinental Hotel, Washington D.C. (roofmeadow.com)
2008, 14th Febuary: National Green Roof Conference Ditzingen Germany (www.fbb.de)
2008, January: European Federation of Green Buildings. EFB- Meeting in Budapest, Hungary.  
2007, 23th October: Facade Design London
2007, 18th October: International Landscape Architecture, Including a section on Green roof technologyWuXi, China bei Shanghai15 - http://www.wuxigardens2007.com  
2007, 12th October: Planning and Design for Heritage and Development11 - Dun Laoghaire County Dublin. - including Green roofs for sustainbility .http://www.dlrcoco.ie/heritage/conference/  
2007, September 25th Toitures vegetalees: une contribution au developpment durable, Organizer: CSTB, ParisContact: brigitte.lai(at)cstb.fr
2007, Sep. 11th - 15th, ASEAN-Pacific Weeks - Conference of sustainable City development - Further information, www.APWberlin.de Visit the sub conference water www.iwc-berlin.de
2007, June 29th- 30th; Malmö; Annual General EFB - Meeting  
2007, May: BangkokConstrution and Green roof fair.  
2007, April 29 - Mai 1:, 5.th Conference "Green roof for healthy City, Minneapolis, USA
2007, March 15th: 5th EFB- Gruendachsymposium Ditzingen, Germany The programm and outcomes, here.
2007, February 22th - 23th: The Green Roofs for Australia (at Brisbane Technology Park, Eight Miles Plains, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.Download Information as pdf-file. Invitation letter January 2007GREEN ROOFS PHOTO EXPO: Background informationTerrarforming will become "Fashion" in Australia. Geoff Wilson promotes the green roof idea in a huge number of journals in whole Australia.
2007, January 18th - 19th Oslo, Norway: Grönt I det bla - uterom pa tal i byen (First Green roof conference in Norway; held in english) see:www.arkitektur.no/ecoboxResults