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Dezember 2010

- Welcome to ZTC International from India, as our corporate member, see details.

- Welcome to our corporate member from Finland: Lemminkäinen

see detail and visit the homepage.

November 2010

- WGIN has his first Ambassador! Paul Kephart from Rana Creek accepted to help us to expand Green roof ideas all over the world!

- WGIN members are invited to sent in article to "Living Architecture Monitor" . Inside this journal a chapter of articles, will be opened to inform about the WGIN network. Thanks to Steven Peck who opens us this opportunity.

- Please set marks in your calendar: two WGIN Conferences in 2011: in Hainan China (March 18. – 21.)

Conference in Hainan China, organized by the national Green roof organization in China:

Green infrastructure Conference in Indore / India (October 31th-Nov 2nd 2011): Details will follow in December 2010.

Responsible : Prof. Suresh Billore;

Why India?

India is a booming market. As some example: Between 2005 and 2010 foreign investments had increased by 8.000% to a value of 8.5 Billion US Dollar in the real estate market. –

Ernst & Young offers the information, in India 25 Million apartments are missing.

India has a booming industry, a crowded population and a strong wish to work on a better environment.

The Green roof technology is one solution on this. WGIN is going to support this development.


Further national events will be held in member countries, the first will be Germany (Ditzingen February 2/3nd. 2011) for more dates; see here.

- England – UK will be the next WGIN member. Nigel Dunnet will become our representative in Good old England - more soon.!

- 470 participants at the CUGE Skyrise Greenery conference (more)

October 2010

The WGIN Congress in October 2010 in Mexico City was a great success!

About 630 participants joined the Green roof congress in Mexico City. Thanks to Tanya Muller and her team! The proceedings are complete; the CD will be available on the AMENAMEX homepage.
This event has had the high press attention from all green roof congresses held up to now. As an example The CNN – Latin America had prepared a 20 minutes report on this event.
Further outcomes:
- A WGIN – Latin America network was founded during this event. The WGIN members from Brazil, Chile, and Columbia, Mexico organized this. Further Latin America professionals, from Argentina and further countries become membership.

What will happen next?
- A WGIN Symposium, held in India is under preparation; Prof. Suresh Billore is responsible on this. Next time more details.
- A WGIN Networking symposium is also under preparation, next time more details.
- During the annual WGIN Board meeting a new working group was set up: Building code certifications world wide and the relation to the Green infrastructure network – Responsible are the board Members Julian Briz, Spain and Manfred Koehler.

September 2010

World Green Roof Congress Mexico City, last information,
see the current information: Spain, English

WGIN Board Members annual meeting. WGIN business partners are welcome. It starts earlier than announced in the last minutes:. Meeting: Wednesday, 6s: 12.00 o Clock, Room Don Emiliando,
Hotel Hilton Reforma, Mexico City, 4th. floor.


July / August 2010

- Detailled information available about both: Amenamex and CUGE Congress, please check both now frequently! Use the buttons on the right hand side.
- Happy summer vacation in many countries!

If you have time please check the following links:
- Enjoy some pictures, live screens and TV interviews about our congress in Shanghai
>Interview in Mandarin
> the Video from

- Learn more about our new National member of Korea on the web page; This are currently about 150 members from Universities, companies and administrations.
- Dont forget to register for Amenamex in October.
- Our Australian friends Green Roof Australia will host their national Congress October 20-23th in the Adelaide Zoo in Adelaide.
- The Tehran Conference will be End of November, more soon as possible. 

May/June 2010

Copenhagen will become Carbon neutral until 2025; the green roof policy will become a key method on this, more ...

WGIN is growing; The first WGIN Ambassador will be announced soon!

WGIN is growing! The discussion is on a good way as an example with representatives in Columbia.

The Congress in Mexico will open more opportunities for Latin America.


The Conference in Shanghai was a great success, read more;

Manfred Köhler, was interviewed by CN on the EXPO Shanghai; some key sentences: "The green infrastructure had become an integrative component of many Expo Pavilions. The next level is to convince more planner to use this technology as integrated part saving annual running costs. Evaporation cooling is one key to reduce the need in energy consumption in buildings in nearly all climates."

See some examples of Green roofs and living walls on Expo Pavilions in our new slide show.

What is next in China: The organizer of the Conference in Shanghai announced the next three annual conferences on the territory of China 2011, 2012 and 2013. Details are following soon.


March / April 2010

WGIN Information – Now it is the time to select where to join this year the Green roof conferences!

Best would be to join all! It is your choice!

There are cross linking between all theses events! The networking of Green Roofs infrastructure activists is becoming better and better.

Opportunities exist this year for personal communication at:

- May 5 – 8 Shanghai Vertical and Roof greenery congress (link to our Webpage) WGIN supports the national Chinese organization.

- September 15-16th: London, World Green roof congress, following up to the congress in 2006! Organized by CIRIA and see details

- September 29-30th Tehran, Iran: Green roof congress in the Arabic World, more details as soon as possible.

- October 7- 9th of October Amenamex (the WGIN Second annually WGIN event after Toronto!)

- November1 – 3rd, organized by CUGE, Singapore and IGRA!

- December 1 – 3rd in Vancouver, the 8th annual GRHC event!

This seemed to be a lot of opportunity. Green infrastructure as part of the Certification needs to be well established. This is a way to communicate the potential and the power of vegetation for a better urban environment.

Some further News:

-- June 17th 3rd FBB Seminar on Green facades in Berlin.

-- Fire standard regulation and Green roofs in Canada (Feb. 2010)

- 8th Green roof Conference in Ditzingen / Germany again a success. The proceedings are available on Download

February / January 2010

Green infrastructure Australia become member of WGIN. Thanks to Geoff Wilson, organizing the promotion tour:

Green roofs and photovoltaics; a lecture serie will held in seven Australian Cities in February 2010; more ...


We welcome the Polish Greenroof Association; read more

Shanghai: invites Green infrastructure professionals to participate; more


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