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December 6th. 2008

Lots of News:

- Now digital available: “Living Architecture Monitor” organized by our member organization GRHC. Free download copy – the latest green roof trends in North America! Enjoy it!

- Watch the exiting Green Roof project of our FBB- Member "". A combination of three issues: Golf, World yachting and the latest Green roof technology! Celebrity Solstice a dream ship with a real roof on board - visit the link on the right.

- First National Façade greening seminar, in Remscheid, Thursday 20th November: A Short report:

The technology of façade greening is well known in Germany. There has been FLL Guidelines since 2000. The focus for a long time was only on climbers. Now a new debate has begun to include more sophisticated plant species; green walls. Green walls collect fine particles and dust in urban areas. Green wall technology is improving rapidly.

The next frontiers is indoor walls as a huge opportunity for amenity space creation. Living walls systems can help to purify indoor air in private and public areas. The full documentation (in German), can be downloaded on the FBB webpage.

November 16nd: 2008

Welcome to Prof. H. Kozhimizu our representative in Japan!

November 8nd 2008

Comming next: National FBB facade seminar in Remscheid, Germany. Thursday, 21st of November.

Singapore: 120 attendencees had been at the CUGE - Event October 21st - 23nd. Information about the conference and a photograph of all the award winners is in the gallery.

New Menber of WGRIN; The organization "pronatur" from Spain will become a new member of WGRIN!

Lern more about Pronatur in the chapter "New members".

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