Living Walls

More than 50 companies are offering currently Living walls or vertical garden technologies as professional and improved systems.

Furthermore green facades with climbers are a secure and well known technology. But the living walls are an exiting new experience for indoor and outdoor greening - with a lot of attraction..

In Singapore, as an example, a research had been done by CUGE to investigate the best performing construction for the tropical climate. Similar researches in other regions are needed.

2010 new researches in Neubrandenburg, Vienna, Sheffield are set up to get scientific results from Europe as well.

Such researches are necessary to spread out the knowlegdes, such as:
- Minimum installation requirements,
- Fire protection,
- Life cycle analysis,
- Suitable plant species for different climate regions,
- Maintenance needs,
- Costs.

Also the German guideline group FLL is going to update the guideline for vertical greening. It will be ready for publishing in 2012.

WGIN is observing the technology development around the world.


Ignacio Espoz
Short story ChileChile
Manfred Koehler
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Some current information:
Poster: vertical gardens Neubrandenburg, June 2011

Final report: Berlin - Adlershof 2010
A literature list Green facades and living walls with about 1200 source: LiteratureKoehler.