Green infrastructure and rain water management

Green roof water management and related themes:

see some links to current projects in Germany:         

To the interdisciplinary research project - running 3 years: the Kuras project:
and the other currently ongoing rainwater projects in Germany:

Here some selected first publication from Kuras:
13th International Conference on Urban Drainage, Sarawak, Malaysia, 7-12 September 2014
a poster of the Aqua urbanica (in German)


further publication:

Konzepte der Regenwasserbewirtschaftung (Juli 2010)
Gebäudebegrünung, Gebäudekühlung
Leitfaden für Planung, Bau, Betrieb und Wartung

Download ( pdf, 14.9 MB)

Rainwater Management Concepts (July 2010)
Greening buildings, cooling buildings
Planning, Construction, Operation and Maintenance Guidelines.
Publication in English.

Download (pdf, 14.9 MB)

Further steps on WGIN Activities:

Collecting hard facts from research roofs and demonstration projects around the world.


The current working organizer are:

João Manuel Linck Feijó
Short story BrazilBrazil
Manfred Koehler
Short story GermanyGermany