Green infrastructure and Biodiversity



Some introduction films about Biodiversity:

2017: Biodiversity and green roofs, see the paper from Claire Diebel.

2016: EU- Biodiversity:

2010, the year of Biodiversity:
Green roofs open an opportunity to connect habitats in the commuter areas of Cities with Green areas in the City center. Urban biodiversity can be enhanced by Green roofs.

Green roofs was a theme on the COB opening Meeting, January 6-7s, Curitiba:

Contribution by the Brazilian WGIN Member Joao Feijo of ATV

The Biodiversity Declaration from Nagoja :

More details of urban biodiversity: learn more: (from our corresponding organization URBIO:

Convention on Biological Diversity Activities - Global Partnership on Cities and Biodiversity

- City Biodiversity Summit 2010

- The Singapore Index on Cities' Biodiversity (CIB)

- User Manual for the City Biodiversity Index

- Second issue of the Cities & Biodiversity Newsletter, October 2010 (2MB)

- First issue of the Cities & Biodiversity Newsletter, March 2010 (781KB)

- Local authorities

- COP 9 Decision IX/28.

Next steps in Biodiversity on green roofs and Living walls: WGIN is going to collect local and regional plant list of native species.
Which plants and animals are able to live on vegetative structures at facades and green roofs?


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