Policy and planning


December 2017

Germany: Dialog Forum: Whitebook procedure for Green infrastructure, more

Berlin-Germany: Case studies “green infrastructure”. A complete exhibition ready to be downloaded
In German and in English:

March 2016
News in EU-Europe see more about Green infrastructure:

January 2015
Survey in Germany 2014 by FBB: An overview of all German Cities, which has programs to support green roofs by policy and incentives.

November 2010: City study:
Green roofs in hot and dry climates of US, the example Denver Colorado, Link to the Autor Leila Tolderlund to get the study.

May 2010:
Success: Copenhagen will become a carbon neutral Capital by 2025. All new flat roofs und 30 degrees has to be vegetated in future! The City wants in minimum 5000m² green roofs each year by this programme. See press release

March 2009:

A competition about the European “GreenCapitals” is running:
The first two decisions: 2010: Stockholm, 2011 Hamburg, more:

March 2009:

Enhancing the environment: Planting Millions of Trees against climate change, see: www.unep.org

The green roof policy all over the world varies much.
The most formal structure can be found in Germany. Building code and nature conservation act are a good basic to support green roofs in Cities. The compulsory planning is the most helpfull insturment. On this page, information about interessting news will be posted in short, here the first:

October 2008:

Porto Alegre (Brazil) has set up a building code to use green roof, if the area in the ground is to limited. Ground level must be compensated with the twice area on roof tops.
more information: ask Joao from Ecotelhado!


The compulsory planner are going to find the Ministery of Agriculture as strategic partner. Why every time compulsory planning on agricultural land. To do this on the roof scapes is a great opportunity to save farmlands for new duties, like production of biofuels.