WGIN International Board

Prof. Dr. Manfred Köhler is president of the World Green Infrastructure Network. His first election was on the annual meeting in Baltimore on Tuesday 29nd April 2008. He was confirmed in Mexico City 2010, Hangzhou, October 24th 2012 and Sydney 2014.

He is representative of the German Green Building association FBB (www.fbb.de). More information about Manfred Köhler and his green roof center, see www.gruendach-mv.de.

WGIN Headquarter address: President (direct line):
World Green Infrastructure Network,
Steven Peck (Treasurer and Secretary)
c/o Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
406 King Street East, TorontoW, Ontario, Canada M5A 1L4,

Prof. Dr. Manfred Köhler,
c/o: Univ. of Applied Sciences
Brodaer Str. 2, Postbox 110 121
ZIP: 17041 Neubrandenburg - Germany
Phone:  +416.971.4494 
Fax:  +416.971.9844 
Phone:  +49-395-56 93 4001
Email:  koehler@hs-nb.de


WGIN international Board; after WGIC 2014 in Sydney, October 7th 2014:

WGIN Board member meeting, October 2015, Nagoya: