Green roof technology is spreading. Here are some green roof numbers from cities and countries around the world.

Berlin has between 5-30% of roof space greened in different parts of the city at the time of writing. In London, about 100.000 m² green roofs were installed in 2008. Shanghai, also installed a similar amount in 2008.

In France, approximately 1 million M2 of roofs are greened per annum. Similarly, approximately the same area was covered in 2009 in North America. Germany adds about 11 million M2 of green roofs each year.

Quality and standards of design and installation vary in different countries. Green roof quality is an issue which must be addressed going forward.

WGIN continually collects data from projects in cities globally. Green roofs are an exciting technology which have the potential to ameliorate and even reverse the consequences of urban development on the natural environment in all nations of the world. We have an historic opportunity to develop sustainable building practices, materials, methods and technologies which bring both business opportunities to us all and at the same time a commensurate responsibility to the future of human life on Earth.