There are an uprising number of green roof / Green wall films available on various media:
As research on the beginning of January 2016:
See youtube “Green-roofs” About 40.000 films at the moment. Roof gardens about 170.000 films.
Also an number of 169.000 films about living walls - but not all are related to our topics of vegetated walls.
Indoor Greening: about 50.000 films.

All the large TV-Stations had done some films last times to inform about our technologies of Green infrastructure – so we can not present all related links here – be exited and explore by your own for more breaking news.

Lot of films about vertical farming coming up,

Lot of contributions about Green infrastructure:

These are also about 150.000 films today,
diverse films about Green infrastructures

and further about sustainibility and green roofs.

Watch also the Youtube channel from GRA:

or the channel.