Hundreds of green infrastructure book and journal articles had been published over the last years.

There are some old, like the facsimile of RUEBER, 1860, explaining details in the old cardboard green roof technology. Lot of other has only a local distribution.

See a lot of publication coming from the European Union:

see the definitions on this webpage and all the links:
Green infrastructure:
The European Commission defines Green Infrastructure (GI) as: a strategically planned network of natural and semi-natural areas with other environmental features designed and managed to deliver a wide range of ecosystem services. It incorporates green spaces (or blue if aquatic ecosystems are concerned) and other physical features in terrestrial (including coastal) and marine areas. On land, GI is present in rural and urban settings.”

This is the working field of the WGIN - members.

Academic paper: (from science direct).
The number of peer reviewed books and paper grow: to get impression of current publication: see the links on sciencedirect for “Green roof” (about 27;000 paper) and for “Living Walls” (a much higher number – but be carefully – some of these are not focusing on our vegetation structure – the same term is also available in medicine).

press: Green roofs: type in "Green roofs" for a new research.

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This is a "TOP TEN" classic book collection or "must have" for all green infrastructure enthusiasts.

Documentation of our first 10 years as free download publication, enjoy and give a response.


WGIN Book in Spanish, published 2016 available,       
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WGIN Book, second edition 2015, with new chapters, is available now online.


WGIN Book number 1: Green roofs around the world, presented in Madrid on April 3rd, 2014:


Information sheet free to download

in spain

This book presents the description of the development from a small tropical harbor City into a “City in a garden”. Vegetation makes it possible – Singapore becomes a role model for the increasing tropical Cities around the globe! The author Phua Yok Tan has many years own experiences in developing the guidelines, programs and researches.


Release October 2012: Rudolf Müller Verlag:

20 years after “Dach- und Fassadenbegrünung” now this publication presents the " state of the art in Greening building technologies", edited by Manfred Köhler (available October – 2012), (co-authors are: Wolfgang Ansel, Roland Appl, Florian Betzler, Gunter Mann, Marc Ottele, Sven Wünschmann – and with several case studies, delivered by Arthur Andrade, Thorwald Brandwein, Barbara Koenig, Lutz Peter Kremkau, Rolf Maas, Nils van Steenis, Dorthe Rømø); several technical details included.

Der Klassiker zur Fassaden- und Dachbegrünung – Immer noch aktuell, und detailreich.
Fassaden- und Dachbegrünung. Manfred Köhler, Georg Barth, Thorwald Brandwein, Dagmar Gast, Hans Günter Joger, Ute Seitz, Klaus Vowinkel. 1993. 329 S., 30 Farbf., 32 sw-Fotos, 96 Zeichn., 34 Tab., geb. ISBN 978-3-8001-5064-9. € 49,90 Lieferbar!
The classic book of Green infrastructure. A historic view back in historic garden technology and architecture, a research overview, Exclusive plant drawings of façade plants. Chapters about technical details, fire protection, biodiversity, insulation and dust reduction by green roof vegetation and the technology of green facades.

Available: Ulmer publisher.

The Green roof Guideline of FLL; The shortest way to learn more about technical requirements.
The technical stuff must be modified for national situations.
Newest issue: 2008 (in German, the translation is in preparation).
The FLL offers many more guideline,like “Greening facades”, “Plaza Decks”, “Natural swimming ponds”, “Interior Greenery” and more. The number of English publication increases.

Roof Gardens
History, Design & Construction

Theodore Osmundson
'Roof Gardens' covers site considerations, construction, design elements and maintenance, as well as useful data and sources of supply information. It presents extensive material, including typical sections and details of raised planers, walls, paving, drainage and lighting. It also discusses planting soils and root-proofing, and reviews useful techniques for constructing roof gardens

Pages: 320, ISBN-10: 0393730123, ISBN-13: 9780393730128

Green Roofs: Ecological Design & Construction

This full-color, 160-page book reviews the ecological benefits, technical requirements, and design possibilities of vegetated roofs. Published by Schiffer Books, Green Roofs examines the possibilities and benefits of green roofs through forty case studies of exemplary green roof projects, hundreds of color photographs, and seven municipal case studies describing green roof development in Berlin, Tokyo, London, Portland, Chicago, Toronto, and New York. William McDonough, luminary and green architect, writes the opening essay that considers green roofs as part of a larger project to harmonize the natural and built environments. Other experts in the field detail the technical requirements, architectural history, and design possibilities of vegetated rooftops. Publication date: March 2005. source:

Pages: 160, ISBN-10: 0764321897 ISBN-13: 9780764321894

Comment by Manfred Köhler:

Exiting overview of the award winner on the North American Green roof Conferences since Chicago 2003 to Minneapolis 2007

Ed Snodgrass is owner and president of Emory Knoll Farms Inc. and Green Roof Plants.  Ed Snodgrass is a fifth generation farmer and nurseryman specializing in plants and horticultural consulting for green roofs. Emory Knoll Farms Inc. has supplied plants for over a million and a half  square feet of green roof on over 250 roofs in 25 states and the District of Columbia as well as green roofs in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan.

Ed has lectured widely on green roofs at regional, national and international conferences.
Ed is a member of The Royal Horticulture Society, The American Horticultural Society, The Sedum Society, and The International Plant Propagators Society. Ed is on the board of The Maryland Nurserymen’s Association, and has a book on green roof plants published by Timber Press.

Available: here.

Images: 296 color photos, 2 diagrams, Pages: 204, ISBN-10: 0881927872, ISBN-13: 9780881927870

Planting Green Roofs and Living Walls

Nigel Dunnett and Noel Kingsbury give an overview to technical aspects and case studies of green roofs and the façade technology. Horticultural questions are one important issue inside this book.
Timber Press, 2005, 2nd ed.

Available: here.

Images: 227 color photos, 10 line drawings, Pages: 336, ISBN-10: 0881929115, ISBN-13: 9780881929119

Patrick Blanc, 2008: The Vertical Garden.

The book offers a trip around the world, to learn more about suitable plants for vertical wall installation. See all the realized examples. It is inspiring. Beside all technical questions, such installations are possible. It is a new dimension in horticultural art.