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Communication between Singapore and Seoul.

The most important Lady about green roof development in Shanghai - Destrict Minhang is guiding Xianmin Wang and Manfred Koehler on a fantastic roof garden project in Shanghai

Main organizer of the Green Roof Conference in Shanghai in Mai 2010

Tanya Müller Garcia announced the World Green Roof Congress in Mexico City.

It was an exiting Mexican invitation to the Toronto Botanical Garden - during the Cities Alive event.

(courtesy, picture taken by Roland Appl)

Cities Alive Grand opening at Toronto City Hall.

(from left to right: Riccardo Rigolli, Francois Lasalle, Steven Peck, Manfred Köhler, David Miller (Mayor), Tanya Müller Garcia, Julian Briz, Isabell del Felipe. (courtesy, pict. taken by Roland Appl).

November 2009: All Lecturer at the FBB Basic Seminar in Berlin.

(courtesy, picture taken by FBB).

IGRA Congress May 2009; Participants on the field trip to local green roof projects, Here the roman museum in Köngen.

Students from Neubandenburg, participants from Thailand and Prof. Suresh Bilore from India. An intercultural meeting during the IGRA Congress in Nürtingen.