Green walls / Living walls archive 2007-2010

Living wall at the Pavilion of Canada

Living roof at the Pavilion of Alsace

A living wall? at the Pavilion of Brazil?

A stainless steel construction with LED glass flowers at the Pavilion of Swiss.

October 2009: Thiis is the winning Living wall scetch of Florian Betzler, Hamburg, Evaporation cooling at its best.

February 2009: Wolfram Schmidt finished his Diploma degree in Hamburg at the HCU


Green living wall installation in São Paulo

A Living wall project for Hamburg-Waltershof. Hopefully the IBA 2013 is able to realize this.

Tropical plants in and outdoor - installation - maintenance is one key issus. November 2008

Ground cover plants as a living wall installation on a shopping centre (Vivo City, Singapore, 2008)

The largest indoor installation of a living wall, here with climber, 300 x 15 meter (Changi Airport, Singapore, October, 2008)

Living wall test installation, after nearly a year observation, (hort park, Singapore October, 2008).


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