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Images: Green roofs 2007 - 2012

WGIN presents here a small selection of green roof solutions world wide:

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2011-2012: Slideshow

2010-2011: Slideshow



2007-2010: single Pictures

Shanghai Expo; the green roof and living wall on the pavilion of India

A cable car ride on the green roofs of the Pavilion of Switzerland

Green roof example in Shanghai, May 2010, introduced by Riccardo Rigolli

The green roof of the Pavilion of Chile


Green roof at the Pavilion of Germany

Green roofs in Greece, with courtesy to our new member organization, Andrew Clements




Green roof village in Norway

500 years old extensive in Norway


2008-2009: Germany

Post Distribution Center in Köngen near Stuttgart. Perfect mimikry of the Yellow Sedum surface with the Post vans (May 2009 - IGRA Congress)

Green roofs and permaculture - an experiment started in the mid 1980th in Berlin.

Blooming trees on top of a parking garage - Airport Munich.

Green flying carpet over the Harbour of Hamburg, 2008


High quality roof garden near the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 2008

Integration of several green building technologies including rain water collection: Berlin - Adlershof


Singapore 2008

Pitched Grass roofs in the tropics a signature building in the tropics (Singapore, 2008).

Green features at Changi Airport, Singapore (2008)



Shop in Porto Alegre (Brazil): modular system, pitched roof

Condominium in Porto Alegre, flat roofs

Car park, São Paulo (Brazil)

Residence in Vera Cruz

Osório Windmill power plant, Brazil

Residence Building in São Paulo



20 years ago Roof garden in London

New high end roof gardens in London


Mixed pictures

6 Star green building solution in Melbourne, 2008

Green roof amenities - hopefully it can be in each City, 2008

Biophilic integration into the wetland surroundings

High end City chic on buildings - going green in busines districts


and many more are comming soon ...