New members 2009

We welcome new Members from

Greece, South Africa, Chile and New Zealand
- Individual National Member South Africa (Eric Noir),
- Individual National Member Chile (Latin Green; Ignacio Espoz)
- The Green Green Roof Association from New Zealand (integrated for the first time into GRA). Links and short storys follows soon.

WGRIN sent a warm welcome to our Italian Partner Organization.

The Italian Association “Promoverde” had become membership in WGRIN with the beginning of 2009.

The nation wide operation association “promoverde” has a background in “Landscape care” activities. The Skygardenprojects is one rising topic. To learn more about out Italian friends, visit the homepages:


Many pictures take you with to examples of Sicilian roof gardens with Mediterranean flowers.

The Italian partner runs a Art and Architecture Journal, called Nemeton, you can find more in our chapter of “Journals” on this page.

Riccardo Rigolli, well known to the board members of WGRIN is the responsible partner to develop the contacts to WGRIN.

We are happy about this new Member!
Welcome to Prof. Hajime Kozhimizu, he is our national representative in Japan.

We welcome the spanish organization "pronatur". Membership is beginning January 2009. Thanks to President Prof. Dr. Julian Briz, see homepage.