Honorable Member

Dr. Patrick Blanc, Botanist –Artist– well known as inventor of the "vertical garden" - "mur vegetal".

“WGIN board members voted for Dr. Patrick Blank as honorable WGIN member. His work over the last decades has had a stimulating effect on the greening of buildings all around the world. We can compare the influence similar to the stimulation in the 1980th by Hundertwasser.

His enormous knowledge of plant species is one of the exiting basics of the success of his vertical garden installations.

Since many years WGIN and Patrick Blanc has had many points of connections – It is a real pleasure to enjoy his talk on WGIN events and outside.
Now all around the world his installations exits - many other companies follows to develop living walls. His one of the pioneers


For more details: enjoy e.g. the youtube video of Begonia blancii and see the project installation on all continents in the world.”

Laudatio – held in Sydney by Manfred Koehler.

see also his homepage: murvegetalpatrickblanc.com

On field trip with Patrick Blanc and Pascal around the world to Botanical highlights: