Green Ambassadors

On the picture left hand: Dorthe Rømø, the former Ambassador, right hand side Tanya Muller Garcia.

Tanya Muller is been announced on the Annual WGIN meeting in October 2014 in Sydney to become a WGIN Green ambassador.
Our founding member Tanya Muller Garcia is currently Secretaría del Medio Ambiente del Distrito Federal (México) and fights for green roofs on many frontiers – much success within the next years!
We are appriciated to have her also in this function in our WGIN team.

Paul Kephart, WGIN ambassador since 2010. He will help us to spread out the message of green infrastructure all over the world.

If you like learn more about Paul, follow the link to to the updated web page of ranacreek:

The World Green infrastructure Network is going to announce honorable persons to become the title of "Green Ambassadors" of the Green infrastructure Network.

These persons, in maximum one per country, are allowed to represent the organization. The aim is, to support to establish Green infrastructure organizations and to give talks on green infrastructure related themes on behalf of WGIN.