Europe EFB


The EFB as the „European Wing“ of WGIN:

Members of the EFB – are national European Greening building/Green infrastructure organizations.


Each national association delegates representatives into the EFB board. As example: currently Manfred Koehler is one of the FBB – delegates to the EFB board.


More information about the EFB:

Vera Enzi MSc
EFB- European Federation Green Roofs and Walls
Phone: +43 (0) 650 63 49 631

Feel free to watch some information films:

One of the main activities is at the moment to do information work about green infrastructure on the level of EU-administration.
As example: The “Urban Green Infrastructure Conference”, in Vienna, Austria, on 22/23/24/25 NOV 2015

Have also a look into the EFB – “White paper”. Download.