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Nelson Li


Organization Taiwan Green Roof and Green Wall Association

February 2014
Taiwan Green Roof & Green Wall Association is formed on May 18th, 2011, by a group of environmental-conscious people consisting of professors, architects, developers, landscape designers and contractors, and horticulture supply companies. It is officially incorporated as a Nation-wide non-profit institution.

The missions are to

  • Develop and provide products and technologies for the Green Roof and Green Wall industry
  • Establish and publish industry standards and practices
  • Promote and Educate the public on benefits and safety concerns
  • Assist governmental agencies in devising policies and measures to impose compulsory Green Roof and Green Walls
  • Train and certify qualified installers
  • Secure legislative and financial support from government at the Central and City/County government level
  • Liaise with relevant associations in promoting the Green Building concept and practices

Association Chairman: Nelson Li
Secretary General: Jonah Juang
Academic Committee: Professor Y. S. Chang
Public Relations Committee: Professor C. H. Liaw
Member Relations Committee: Kaven Chen
Publications Committee: Honga Hong
R&D Committee: PH.D. Candidate Zongyi Chou

  • Contact

Office Address: 6-3, 160, 
Section 6, 
Mingchuen East Road, 
Neihu, Taipei, Taiwan 

Phone: 886-2-27923958 
Fax: 886-2-87919495 
Handphone: 886-926879168