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Organization Polish Green Roof Association (PSDZ)

“The Polish Green Roof Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Dachy Zielone, PSDZ), was established in April 2009. The organization aims to provide a focus for companies and institutions to come together to encourage cities/regions and individuals to promote the use of green roofs within Poland. PSDZ is keen to work with other WGIN and EfB members to ensure that there is cooperation both at a national, regional and city level to establish understanding and rationale about how vegetation and soil can be utilized within urban areas to combat climate change. Members of PSDZ believe they will be able to widespread the professional knowledge of green roofs adding to the growth of ecological awareness of the society.

PSDZ brings together over 100 members interested in green roofs and walls development:

    legal entities (supporting members) including universities, architectural studios, systems or specialized components producers, plant suppliers, contractors;
    natural persons (ordinary members) including employees of scientific and educational institutions, architects, consultants, appraisers, expert witnesses, inspectors and technical supervisors, professional press journalists, lawyers, employees of governmental and municipalities organizations working in the fields of urban construction or protection and management of the environment, students.

PSDZ is a member of the Federation of Engineering Associations – FSNT-NOT which is Polish organization with almost 160-years history, affiliating 39 branch associations representing all working areas of engineers and technicians in the country as well as abroad (ca. 100 300 individual members altogether)”



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NEW FEB. 2016: Polish guideline version for green roofs:


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