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Hajime Kozhimizu



Organization Organization for landscape and urban Green Infrastructure


Research and technology development on the creation of green space incities.
Collection of information on urban greening technology, the spread of technology, human resource development, training sessions and workshops held.
International cooperation on urban greening technology.

Board of directors: 10 persons; chosen from industry, academia and local governments

Foundation、Non-profit, Non- government Organization

Number of Members:
individuals 200, Corporate members 70, Local government 40,

City and State measures:
Urban green space laws:
In the region of greening, facility of green roof were reduced to one –half of the property tax.
More than ten cities have ordinance on greening promotion, the regulation says about subsidy program of green wall and green roof construction costs.
Programs: More Information: Access on the homepage of "urban green infrastructure".
Membership: Founding member of WGIN
Further Journals (quarterly): Urban Green Tech (in Japanese with no English abstract)
The competitions of green roof and living wall. Annual, (11th, 2012)

National: Japanese Institute of Architecture.
Academic: NPO Skyfront Development.

Activities WGIC 2015 response:
- As feed back from our congress in Nagoya two articles available now. One is "Green Age".
- Another is "Garden Center".

Selected publication: published in: Landscape Research Japan (Journal of the Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture)
Landscape and Ecological Engineering (Springer-link)
Current trends: Urban farming, Vertical garden, Ecological network
Trends Green roof and Photovoltaics Panel 2012

Further recommended webpages:

Numbers of greenroofs / vertical garden:
Most are roof gardens, very few extensive green roofs.
Several projects with living walls in many cities.

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Contact to Hajime Kozhimizu:

Soto-kanda, 2-15-2, Shin kanda Bld.8F
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101 0021 Japan
TEL +81 3 5256 7162 FAX +81 3 5256 7164


Here a report from the congress 2015 in Nagoya.