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Green roofs and walls in Israel are not a very common practice yet but there is some commercial activity and a few companies supplying good solutions for green infrastructure. The Israeli regulation of green roofs is very minimal and not existent for green walls. Academic research of green roofs and walls is only just starting with a handful of research projects,

However, there are a few companies developing new technologies for green infrastructure, some are patented, that are suitable for the local challenges. Examples are solutions that require low maintenance, or with low water consumption, or using grey water, or adjusted to local flora etc.

Green roof symposium in Israel March 20s, 2012, information to download


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Some photos are seen below:

Jerusalem Bird Observatory Brown Roof - Local Flora no Irrigation by Rov-Noy

Jerusalem Or-Tora School Roof Garden by Rov-Noy


13 meter-high Green wall in Haifa by Rozenbaum Advanced Gardening Systems

Eco-roof with Cacti in Geotectura Studio – No Irrigation – by Haddar


Green Wall in a private House by Green Wall Israel




Vertical Edibles by a company from Israel


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