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Aslan Jonoubi



Organization Iranian Green Roof & infrastructue Association (IGRA)


Iranian Green Roof & infrastructue Association (IGRA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization; in cooperation with governmental as well as private institutions to promote and construct Green spaces.
As a representative of WGIN, IGRA has registered and established standards and regulations of Green Roof Design in Iran via the city councils. In-order to promote and inspire sustainable attributes we have attended annual most conferences hosted by GHRC worldwide, and have also released presentations as well as articles and have hosted many symposiums and seminars throughout Iran



Office Address:
Iranian Green Roof Association (IGRA)
No. 418-3rd Alley-Abiverdi 1-Chamran Blvd
Shiraz – Iran Postal Code: 71946-43519
President: Aslan Jonoubi
- President: ( (
- Phone Number : +98 917 118 0553

Phone number Office: +98 711 6463445
Fax: +98 711 6463151

E-mail address: