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Organization India Green Infrastructure Network (IGIN)


Demonstration of Green Roof site is under the process. Since locally available Sedum species seems more delicate to tolerate the tropical hot condition, hence also trial and error is going with other species belonging to Euphorbiaceas, Asclepiadacea, other genera of Crassulaceae, etc.

India has 500 years old green roof examples and many more modern projects are under construction.

Water retention and Green roofs is an important issue. Also the discussion about food production on roofscapes.

NEW in 2012:

IGIN (India Green Infrastructure Network) will become the whole India organization;

First Congress successfully held 2012 in Bangalore,

More Information by Hemarkumar.


Following is the website of above magazine (best in India). Please refer to pages 134-140 about a detailed article on 'Green Roof Systems', and please read the last two paragraphs mentioned about WGIN supported International Symposium on Green Technology, held at Indore in collaboration with Green Takniki & Indore Municipal Corporation. and Mayor's recent incentives to those covering their buildings by the Green Roof.

Clearly indicating the gradual  impact of Green Roof concept in India .

This is for your notice and due recognition to Green Roof in India.


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press response about the Indore Conference, Oct. 2011:

Press information from April 2012:
Ms Santana, Editor,  Times of India Ahmedabad:

This is in continuation to my earlier communications dated 26 March regarding the above. I am attaching herewith  todays' clipping of your sister publication: Times of India Indore (April 12, 2012), flushing what the historical declaration by Mayor Indore in the fiscal budget (yr 2012-'13) to provide green incetives to Indoreans:  10% tax rebate in the property tax who support Green Roof, and 5% to those who support solar panel. This is the first declaration in India as Green incetives by the Indore Mayor, a leap towards to enhance the urban greenery as well as to save the deterorating urban climate. Of course also the follow up of Mayor's Indore declaration on the 'International Green Technology Symposium: Green technology for green roof, green home and green cities to combat urbanization for sustainable future (October 31, Nov 1 and 2, 2011), under the aegis of WGIN (World Green Infrastructure Network), Green Takniki Pvt Ltd and Indore Mayor as Co-host (web:

Please take note of the above historical content and further flush the attempt of Indore Mayor to semi-arid vibrant Gujrat state that needs more such incentives for urban greenery and combat climate change.

Professor Suresh Billore
Ex Head, Environment and Botany depts
Vikram University
Ujjain 456010, MP
GreenIndia webpage

I am pleased to inform you  the first step of the outcome of International Green Technology Symposium held at Indore city (co-hosted by Indore Mayor, and a WGRIN approved International event, )ctober 31 to November 1 & 2, 2011), see the website:, the Indore Mayor recently announced the policy decision in his Annual Budget (Indore Municipal Corporation, budget - 2012-'13) to provide 10% Tax rebate to house owner supporting Green Roof, and 5% tax exemption to those having solar panel, as to mark the green incentives. Please see the attached clipping of TIMES OF INDIA 12 April 2012, the leading news paper of India, and also under the process of Gazzeter release by the Indore Municipal Corporation.



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