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Andres Ibañez

Congress 2016 & organization documents


Organization Red Colombiana de Infraestructura Vegetada (RECIVE)


Contact person to WGIN: Andres Ibañez

RECIVE board members:

President: Andres Ibanez from Biotectonica
Vicepresident:  David Perico from Arquitectura mas verde
Treassurer:  Pablo atuesta from Groncol
Secretary: Maria Emilia Perdomo from Paisaje Urbano
Legal Representative:  Miguel Angel Cardenas from Biotectonica



contact to Andres Ibañez:

Mailing Address:
Ricardo Andres Ibanez Gutierrez
Biotectonica S.A.S.
Cll 42 No. 8a-80 of 1301
Bogota, Colombia
Tel: 57-1-2850567

Please follow the link, some current information:
Latinoamérica se une en torno a los techos verdes