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Ignacio Espoz



Organization ACHIVE


The Organization AIVECH (new founded by the company Latingreen and some other), is going ahead to organize summits in Santiago de Chile and the Easter Island, the first will be in probly in fall 2012 – more information soon; (Ignacio Espoz)


Asociacion Chilena de Infrastructura Verde ACHIVE

Board of directors:

       Presidente: Victoria Rojas

       Vicepresidente y Tesorero: Olivier Jacques

       Director Uno: Manuel Feliu

       Director Dos: M. Isabel Pérez

       Director Tres: Ignacio Espoz

       Director Cuatro: Vivian Castro

       Director Cinco: M. de la Luz Barros

Contact person to WGIN: Ignacio Espoz Balbul



contact to Ignacio Espoz:

Mailing Address:
Camino La Piramide 6226
Huechuraba - Santiago Chile

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